Tuesday, February 17, 2015



Thanks for all your encouraging and motivating comments and feedback! 

As you all know, I blog what I cook and not the other way round. So, this delicious recipe happened because I was left with quite a few heart shaped bread pieces when I made CHEESY HEART RINGS!!!
Did'nt want to waste them, so here they are.....HEARTY CHOCOLATE as my son called it!

You can involve your kids in making them as it is an easy 'COOKING WITHOUT FIRE 'recipe.

Just 10 minutes from kitchen to the table!

You can make so many variations by using Jam, marmalade, nutella, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, maple syrup, honey, melted chocolate ...oh my, the options are so many! 

Okay, all I did was, applied a thick coat of Nutella spread and added some colourful sprinkles on the top. My dessert for the day was ready!!!!

How simple can it get!

Do keep this handy recipe in mind SUPERMOMS! When you have sudden guests and no dessert at home, this recipe is surely going to help you bring more smiles!!!


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