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Aloo Chaat | Baked Aloo Chaat | Indian Street Food

aloo chaat

Hi Supermoms,

I had made a large batch of baked potatoes. I wanted to use some of it to make Chaat ( an umbrella name  for  Indian Street food, it literally means ' to lick'). 

And as the name suggests, it was finger licking good!
This is an easy snack to make. The potatoes are generally deep fried in hot Ghee and later sprinkled with chaat masala and lime. We always have an Aloo Chaat counter in our apartment during our festival gettogethers. It's my son's favourite. 

This is the batch of baked potatoes that I had made. You can fry them if you are in a hurry.I just cut them into two to make the Chaat. 


Aloo Chaat ( Baked ):

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking Time:25 minutes
Serves :4


Potatoes -4

Salt to taste

Olive Oil- 1 tbsp

Juice 0f lime -1 tbsp

Chaat masala -1 tsp

Green chutney - 1 tbsp ( add more according to taste)


1. Cut the potatoes and toss them in oil and salt.

2. Line a butter paper and  preheat the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.arrange the cut potatoes .

3. Bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes. For step by step tutorial on baking the potato wedges, refer to here

4. Place the wedges in a bowl or serving plate. Add the green chutney and chaat masala powder. Add the lime juice and serve immediately.

Hot,juicy,tangy and 'Chatpata' Aloo Chaat is ready!!!

When you fry or bake the potatoes, do try this Chaat .

aloo chaat

Happy Cooking!!!

With love,


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