Friday, June 5, 2015

Masala Papad

Hi Supermoms,

Delhi heat and summer vacations...both are keeping me very very busy. I have been cooking quite a bit, but struggling to find time to upload the recipes. The back log is quite a bit...

I will be going directly to the recipes . This  way such simple,handy and delicious recipes will not get lost. 

Shall revisit these recipes and add my thoughts on it after vacations. Do excuse me !






Papad- lijat or haldirams is good( if you want it less spicy, then haldiram's is a better choice)
Finely chopped- onions, tomatoes ( deseeded), cucumber,cilantro and green chillies(optional)

CHEF TIP: Cutting the veggies is the most important part of this recipe. I use a vegetable chopper that gives me uniformly cut vegetables. The smaller the pieces, the easier it is to eat and looks good too!


1. Cut the vegetables.

2. Tawa fry the papad. Heat a tawa/ pan till is is very hot and place the papad on it. Use a tichen towel to gently press the papad. You will see some bubbles on the papad. Now turn the papad and repeat the same. Do not over do it. It haldly takes 30 to 40 seconds for a papad. If it is taking longer time, then your pan is not hot enough.

3. Spread the vegetables on top and serve. If you want to serve in smaller pieces, break the papad when it is still warm.

Such simple recipes, come handy when you have sudden guests or you are not in a mood dor hard work. Don't forget to buy a packet of papad during your next grocery visit. A keeper recipe!!!!

As you now have a packet of papad, do try Papad Tacos recipe as well. 


Happy Cooking!!!

With love 


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