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Bombay Tawa Pulav | Skillet Pulav from Mumbai | How to make Tawa Pulav at home | Street Food of Mumbai | Stepwise Pictures

Bombay Tawa Pulav

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Bombay or Mumbai is famous for so many street foods. Popular one amongst them is  the Tawa Pulav.

It is so called because the Pulav ( Indian spiced Rice ) is cooked over a large Tawa or Iron Skillet. If you love the flavour of Pav Bhaji then you are sure to like this recipe.  I cook variety rice recipes atleast twice a week and this week I happened to make this quick Tawa Pulav - spicy,tangy rice,filled with tawa fried vegetables. You can add all the vegetables that you have at home. 

A keeper recipe and comes to your help when you want to make nothing elaborate .You end up presenting  a flavourful dish that is elegant, tasty and is an absolute delight to eat.

 Serve the rice with masala papad , Mixed Vegetable Raita and a glass of buttermilk . 

Bombay TAWA Pulav | Skillet Pulav from Mumbai :

Preparation time : 15 minutes
Cooking time : 30 minutes
Serves : 4
1 cup = 250 ml cup

NOTE: Potatoes, beans, peas, tomatoes , green chilies and onions to be cut into 3 cms cubes . Onions need to be sliced thin and tomatoes has to be cut into little larger pieces. (If you have tasted the Pulav in Mumbai, you would have felt the juicy chunks of tomatoes in your mouth. This gives a different dimension to the dish).


2 large onions
1 large potato
10-15 french beans
2 firm tomatoes
1 carrot
1/4 cup green peas
1/4 cup cauliflower florets
4 garlic pods ( finely chopped)
1/2" ginger ( grated)
2 green chillies ( cut lengthwise into half)
1 tablespoon Pav Bhaji Masala Powder
2 cups uncooked basmati Rice 
1/4 teaspoon  turmeric powder
2 tablespoons Clarified Butter/ Ghee 

For Garnish :

Finely chopped cilantro
5-7 Ghee roasted cashewnuts

CHEF TIP:  Use firm tomatoes. The tomatoes should not become mushy when you cook them. This is the main speciality of the Tawa Pulav, else it will be just like any other fried rice.



1.Parboil the beans,potatoes,peas , carrots , cauliflower  in a steamer till they are fork tender.


3. In a broad pan / Kadai, heat a tbsp of Ghee , add the chopped garlic , ginger  add onions and  saute' the onions till they turn transparent. 


4. Add green chillies( cut into half) and salt .


5. Now add the tomato chunks and parboiled vegetables. Add turmeric powder and your PavBhaji Masala powder. Adding 1/4 tsp of coriander powder and Kashmiri chilli powder is an optional step. Avoid if you have fresh Pav Bhaji Masala.


6. Add the remaining tablespoon of ghee and let the vegetables mix well and fry till the oil separates. The vegetables will look glossy.

7. Boil the rice. For basmati rice 1:3/4 is the proportion for rice: water. It can vary slightly according to the type of basmati you are using.

8. Mix the rice with the vegetables over the stove top. Keep the heat on medium and mix well. Switch off. You can garnish with chopped cilantro and some ghee roasted cashewnuts .


Serve hot with Papad/ Chips and a raita. 


Do try and you are sure to bring more smiles!
You can also try Kongunadu Pattani Biryani if you are looking for more Tawa Style Rice Varieties.

Bombay Tawa Pulav

Happy Cooking!

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