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Seedai | Gluten free South Indian Traditional Savoury Marbles | How to make Seedai from Scratch | Stepwise Pictures

Hi Supermoms,

'Seedai ' is a great traditional South Indian Savoury that is made during festivals and important community functions. Though it looks so tiny, it could create a lot of panic and fear to those who have experienced 'Blast' while frying them and consider these nothing short of 'Bombs'!

However equiping yourself with some tips and tricks will definitely help you avert such disasters!!!

No, I am not scaring you...just giving an 'experienced' advice !!!

Seedai :

Preparation Time : 10 minutes ( if your Bakshanam Flours are ready)
Cooking Time : 20 minutes
Yield : 300 gms of Seedai
Vessel Required :Iron Karahi / Wok for frying the Seedai
Storage : 10 days when stored in an air tight container

Ingredients :

1 tablespoon of Urad dal/ Split husked black gram
Salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon of coarsely ground peppercorns + Cumin seeds (optional)
1 1/2 tablespoon of butter


1. The preparation of the dough is the same as 'Thattai'.
2. Loosely roll them as balls./marbles. Do not press hard to make them as they might just pop out of oil in that case.
3. Do the 'drop test' to check the right temperature of oil. Fry the seeds in batches of 10 to 12. Have a lid in hand, just as a precaution in case the seedai pops out. 

4. Fry them in medium heat and drain in a tissue paper. ( I could not click the frying I was following the 'Warrior 'method - Shield( pan lid) in one hand and Ladle on the other - Imagine!!!!)

Your Seedais  are ready for prashad or as a great evening snack along with Hot South Indian Filter Coffee.

Chef tips :

1. Adding extra butter prevents the 'Seedai Burst'.
2. In case of such 'burst' ,do not panic. As I said earlier have a lid in your hand ready, just close the Karahi and switch off the gas.
3. Do not press the dough too much to make the balls. Just loosely make the balls.
4. Finish rolling the entire batch and then start to fry. 
5. Use a dry, clean cloth to place all your rolled out Seedai. The cotton cloth helps to absorb the extra moisture.
6. Sift, Sift and Sift so that the flour is absolutely smooth, free of any coarse particles. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

This recipe is a part of the 'Bakshanam Series', an attempt to share our popular Heirloom Snack Recipes.

Happy Cooking!

With love,


I am sending this healthy traditional South Indian Gluten free Snack recipe to 'Savouring Saturdays'.

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  1. Wow! I am so intrigued by these! They sound delicious and fun and I'm planning on featuring them at this weekend's Savoring Saturday party. Hope to see you back this weekend with more gluten-free treats!


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