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Pulikaichal Recipe | How to make Puliodarai Mix from scratch | Traditional Indian Variety Rice Recipe | Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe

Pulikaichal Recipe

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If you have visited South India, especially the temples there, you would have definitely tasted this spicy, tangy , popular variety rice called 'Puliodarai'. 'Puli' refers to tamarind, the souring agent in the recipe. Fresh Puliodarai sauce called 'Pulikaichal' is prepared in large quantities, that can be stored in a clean container for upto 3 months. You can take a small portion of the pulikaichal and mix with hot rice and enjoy. 

So, over the years, this variety rice has gained so much popularity as it is tasty and also easy  to make when you have the 'pulikaichal ' ready. Also, the pulianchadam/puliansadam tastes great when it is mixed with rice and rests for at least a couple of hours.

This makes it a great picnic food also. Though readymade 'Pulikachal' mixes are available in the market, there is no substitute to homemade pulikachal . You can try this recipe shared by my Mother- In - Law to experience and enjoy the real taste of puliyodarai. 

Pulikaichal Recipe

Pulikaichal Recipe :

Preparation time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : 40 minutes
Serves : 15 ( can be mixed with 1 kg rice approximately)
1 cup = 250 ml cup
Storage : It keeps good for upto 2 months when stored in a clean, dry , air tight container and stored in the refrigerator. 

Ingredients :

To roast and grind :

Important Note: Roast each separately and grind them coarsely.

2 tablespoons dhania/coriander seeds
1 tablespoon channa dal/bengal gram
1/2 tablespoon methi seeds/ fenugreek seeds
1 tablespoon til /sesame seeds ( you can use white or black)
1 teaspoon peppercorns
10 dry red chillies

For tempering :

1/2 cup sesame oil
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
6 dry red chillies ( broken into half)
1 tablespoon urad dal/split and husked black gram
1 tablespoon channa dal/bengal gram
2 tablespoons peanuts 
1/2 teaspoon hing/asafoetida
15-20 curry leaves

Other Ingredients :

medium ( Indian) lemon size tamarind 
2 cups water 
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder 
salt to taste 

Method :

1. In a heavy bottom kadai/wok or pan, dry roast each and every ingredient given under 'to roast and grind'  separately , grind it to a coarse powder and set it aside.

2. Soak the tamarind in 2 cups of warm water for 10 minutes , extract the juice and set it aside .

3. Heat a kadai over low flame with oil and temper with the ingredients given for the same. 
Chef tip : When tempering, add the peanuts first, then the dal and when they start to heat up add the dry red chillies and mustard seeds. 

4. Once tempered , add the tamarind juice, salt and turmeric powder.

5. Mix well and allow it to boil and reduce in size.
Chef tip : Cook over low flame only and you can cover partly and cook. Stir from time to time.
6. When the water has reduced to half, add the ground spice powder and continue to cook till mixture has thickened and the oil separates on the sides of the kadai or pan.

7. Switch off and allow it to cool completely before you transfer it to a clean, dry, odour free container. 
Chef tip : You can add the pulikachal( when it is still hot ) to rice and mix well for immediate consumption also. Add pulikachal according to the quantity of rice you are going to mix it with. 

8. Add the pulikachal to rice and mix well . 
Chef tip : Add two teaspoons of sesame oil to the rice and mix well before you add the pulikachal to it . It increases the taste of the puliodarai. 

Traditional Pulikachal is now ready . 
Pulikaichal Recipe

Happy Cooking !

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