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Milagai Podi Recipe | Molaga Podi | Dosai Milagai Podi | Traditional Spice Powder Recipe for Dosai | Gluten Free and Vegan

Molaga Podi

Hi Supermoms,

Do you dream about milagai podi ? 

I do. 

I love Milagai Podi and often dream about the most amazing milagai podi that I used to have during my childhood days . The taste of that special milagai podi is still ever green in my mind. I have made milagai podi so many times . Though my family loves it, I always feel that it is not to the level of that special Milagai Podi that I used to look forward to. The little lentil crunches and a slight sweetness and the dark red colour of the podi and the perfect balance of taste... Oh, how delicious !

You must be wondering who made that special milagai podi that I am talking about, isn't it? 
Let me reveal the full story. 

This was the time when I used to live with my grandparents . During holidays and after school , many days I used to visit our neighbour Rukmini aunty's house. The compound wall separating the two houses was so low in height that to go to their house , all I used to do is climb the little wall and jump 😄. They had a large front porch with iron  'pull up bars and cross bars' where I used to play . Also, they had a lush green garden and  I used to collect leaves and flowers to play the 'Cooking Game' using my cute little doll vessels (we call it ' choppu' in Tamil). 

Rukmini Aunty aka  'Meera Amma' a warm and loving person, is like a family to us. She used to make hot dosais for me with loads of love and serve it along with her super tasty milagai podi. I always used to tell her that I loved her milagai podi so much  .

It was her 'secret' recipe for many many years. I am so happy and thankful to her for sharing this recipe with me. A special thanks to Nandini Mami for taking the efforts to reach out to 'Meera Amma' and get this special milagai podi recipe. 

I did not have the Salem Gundu Milagai variety of chilli at home and so used the Kashmiri Chillies . This explains the bright red colour of my podi. There was a slight taste and colour difference. To get the most authentic taste, try to use the ingredients given by her and also the method of grinding.  . 

I am sure you are going to love this recipe. 

Milagai Podi Recipe | Dosai Milagai Podi :

Recipe Courtesy : Mrs. Rukmini 

Preparation time : 5-6 hours 
Cooking time : 30 minutes
1 cup = 200 ml cup 
Storage : keeps well upto 3 months when stored in a clean, dry and odour free container 
Special Vessel/Equipment : Mixer/food processor, kadai or wide pan 

Ingredients :

200 gm dry red chillies/Salem Gundu Milagai Variety 
50 gm black sesame seeds/black til
1/2 cup bengal gram/channa dal
1/2 cup urad dal/husked and split black gram
marble size Asafoetida compound 
4-5 teaspoons sesame oil
2 tablespoons sugar

Important Note :  The til /sesame seeds should not be the pitch black ones which we get  in the market . Also not the white ones. It should be a kind of brown.

Method :

1. Remove the longer stems of the red chillies and cut them in half as shown below.
Note : You can us the chillies with the smaller stems as is. No need to remove them. 

2. Wash & Rinse the sesame seeds 3-4 times or  till it is clean completely. 
3. Spread the washed sesame seeds on a dry muslin cloth and allow it to dry completely.
4. Once dry, roast them in a pan till the sesame seeds starts spluttering.
Chef tip : Dry roast the til in low flame only.
5. Switch off and test if the seeds are well roasted by squeezing one or two . The seeds should be light brown inside.
6. Remove from the pan and set it aside. 
7. Add four teaspoons  of oil to the pan and fry the asafoetida , remove from pan and set it aside.
8. Using the same oil, roast the channa dhal and urad dhal till it turns golden brown. 
9. Remove from pan and allow it to cool.
10.To the same pan add one more teaspoon of oil , add dry red chillies and roast in low-medium flame till the natural colour of the chilli changes. 
Chef tip : Colour change indication is when the chilli seeds get light brown) 

Grinding Method:

1. First, grind the roasted sesame oil briefly in low speed separately till it gets powdered and transfer it to another container. 
2.Next, grind both the dals together coarsely and set it aside.
3.Then, grind the red chillies once (till it becomes flakes). 
4. Add salt required for the entire molaga/milagai  podi,  the sugar as well as the asafoetida and grind it fine. 
Note : Occasionally stir with long handle spoon to ensure that all the chilli seeds get ground.
5. Take a wide plate or bowl and add all that is ground separate and manually mix them well till all powders blend into one. 
6. Once completely cool, you can transfer them into a clean , dry and odour free jar. 

Your very own stock of Milagai Podi is now ready!!

Molaga Podi

This is the third milagai podi recipe on my blog 😀. Click here for the first one and here for the second one. 

Happy Cooking !

With love,


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