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GAJJAR KA HALWA | Carrot Halwa | Delicious dessert using fresh Carrots | Festive Recipe

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GAJJAR KA HALWA to me is synonymous to winters.During Delhi winters,you get really juicy red carrots.Vegetable markets are flooded with these varieties that it is simply irresistible to get them home...and I get in....KILOS!!!!
Making Gajjar KA halwa is a weekly affair as it is quite simple to make and is heavenly...the halwa gets polished off in minutes.

Now without any further delay, let me get on to the recipe.

Gaajar Ka Halwa | Carrot Halwa

Preparation time : 15 minutes
Cooking time :25 to 30 minutes


Carrots -1 kg
Condensed milk -1 tin
Sugar -1 cup( more or less,as per your preference)
Cardamom -6 to 7 (peeled and powdered)
Dry fruits-chopped and roasted-a small cup
Milk -half glass


In a large Kadai/pan heat the ghee and add the grated carrots and stir nicely. Add the sugar ,stir and you can see that the sugar starts letting water. Add half a glass of milk and let the carrot become a little soft boiling with these ingredients for 15 minutes.


When the carrot is softer, add the condensed milk and the cardamom powder. 


Keep an eye on the dish as the halwa will now start thickening . when you can see the gloss on the surface and the halwa does not stick to the pan, it is time to switch off the gas.

Transfer the contents in a bowl and garnish it will nuts. Your delicious GAJJAR KA HALWA is ready!!!

Simple isn't it? You can add Khoa if you like with the halwa .It adds to the taste.

Delight your family by with this easy and yummy Indian dessert...TODAY!!!!


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