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Bread Pizza | Pizza Discs | How to make Crispy bread pizza at home | Quick and Easy recipe

Bread Pizza


Winter holidays are over and its School time tiffin box ideas keep coming to my mind. 

Shall try my level best to upload the recipes on a regular basis. Since we get limited time in the morning to prepare for breakfast and pack for their tiffin box, I try and stick to simplicity. 
At the same time, I would not like the lunch box to come home unfinished or just the way it was sent. As a MOM, I'm sure that is a nightmare!!! 

So ,simple dishes that will be a hit with the children and is also packed with proteins....sounds tough???? No,it isnt!!! 

The recipes, that I am sharing with you have been tested many times and have got kid's approval too.

So go  ahead any try these's recipe is Bread Pizza  (PIZZA DISCS)

Here is the recipe tutorial for you!


Note: I haven't given the quantity as you can adjust according to the number of people you are going to serve)

1.Bread slices
2.Grated mozarella cheese
3.Finelychopped  vegetables of your choice -I have used capsicum(red,green,yellow), tomatoes,onions,olives
4.Table butter
6.Mixed herbs,Chilli flakes(optional)


1.Take a bread slice and cut it into a circle using a cup or a cookie cutter.

2.Cut as many circles you want to make.

3.Apply butter on both sides of the bread.
Tip: You can apply butter on the lined baking sheet/ foil and then place the bread on it.

4.On the top layer, apply PIZZA PASTA sauce(I used the home made sauce)

5.Then spread mozarella cheese on top of the pizza pasta sauce.

6. Sprinkle the veggies. Garnish on the top with black olives.

8.Sprinkle the mixed herbs and chilli flakes and bake it in a pre heated  oven at 180 degrees for 7 to 10 minutes or until the cheese melts and the sides have browned.

9. Remove from the Oven and place in a rack to cool or else the bottom part might get soggy.

DELICIOUS   Bread Pizza /PIZZA DISCS ARE READY TO BE PACKED FOR THE TIFFIN BOX or can be devoured hot . They are fantastic party treats too! 

Quick and easy , is'nt it?

I know what you are thinking....what about the corners of the bread ? 

Here is a useful tip : I have to credit this idea to my husband, as he wanted toasties out of the cut pieces(the remains of the bread). Look what I made...

Bread pizza

In this way, there is no wastage!!!!!

I am sure you are going to bring more smiles.


With love,


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