Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mexican Rice | How to make Mexican Rice | Stepwise pictures



It feels so good to try International cuisines. And the beauty is that the ingredients which they use are pretty much the same Indian....felt thos more in MEXICAN FOOD! 

Last Sunday, I had prepared a complete MEXICAN MEAL with tacos, Burrittos,Mexican rice, Bean Salad and Nachos. I have already shared the recipe of Nachos.

Today, it is the MEXICAN RICE! It is so flavourful ! So easy to prepare.




RICE - 3 cups ( I used Basmati rice)

Butter- 50 gms

Crushed garlic clove - 2 large ones

Deseeded and finely chopped

- Jalapenos( if you want more spice, you can chop with the seeds)
- bell peppers( all colours)
- tomatoes
Baby corn ( optional)
Chopped onions
Finely shredded cilantro and dil for garnishing
Salt to taste
Freshly ground pepper
Water- 3 cups

I had to hurry in chopping vegetables, you can cut much neater!!!!

In a wide mouthed pan, add the butter and while it melts, add the washed rice and saute' for 3 minutes

Then add all the vegetables except the garlic and add water and salt.

Now add the garlic cloves, pepper and let it cook till the rice is soft. In the last five minutes, add the cilantro and serve hot with sour cream,Bean Salad and crispy Nachos.

Instead of cooking in the pan, I transferred the rice to a vessel and kept it inside a rice cooker and set it to "COOKING". I love this way, as I can prepare the rice in advance and still need not reheat the rice as the rice remains warm inside the rice cooker! 

See, its cooking and now add the cilantro. 

And let it cook for five more minutes!

Your mexican rice is ready in 20 minutes!

Recipe courtesy : Allrecipes

I serve  it with sour cream or Tzatziki sauce. Just yum!!!

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