Wednesday, February 4, 2015



We all know that proteins are so essential for our child's growth and MUSHROOM is filled with protein. The good news is that it is tasty too. 

Mushroom takes very less time to cook. So it is good to add them in pizzas,pastas and also you can cook them as any stuffing. 

Since Chillies of different varieties are in season now, I made this pepper mushroom. Yum!


Mushroom, chopped bell peppers - green,red,yellow, jalapenos, paprika and the green chillies, one grated garlic and salt to taste.

As mushroom gives out water,there is no need to add extra water. Total cooking time is less than 10 minutes!!!!

In a small pan, heat olive oil and saute' the garlic.then add all the peppers and stir it once. Add salt and add the mushrooms. 

The fresh mushrooms are giving out water.

Switch off once the water is evaporated. It will not take much time(max 10 minutes)

Your mushroom is ready to be stuffed in rolls or sandwich. My kids had it as a snack! A wholesome and easy to make snack ,is'nt it?

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