Sunday, June 7, 2015

Healthy Tortilla Wrap - An allrounder!!

Hi Supermoms,

There are days when you are lazy to make elaborate lunch/dinner .Even packing lunch box for your kiddos can become so so stressful.

This one recipe is handy for such days.

I call it an 'allrounder',as it can be had both as a snack as well as full meals😊 :)


Though I always make my own tortillas..the intense heatwave in Delhi tempted me into buying the store bought ones ( No, I am not guilty!!!!) .All I did was to slice the vegetables ,wrap and grill them. 


I added grilled Cottage Cheese for the protein and taste.


Even when we eat outside, I choose rolls. With teenagers at home, it only becomes easier !!


So, let's plunge  !!!


1. Your mix of vegetables. Here is mine. Onions and parboiled brocolli are not in pic. I used the garlic to make  the tomato sauce for the wrap. I actually reduced the number of garlic to 2.


2. Grilled cubes of cottage cheese.



4. Home madeTomato sauce. You can use the store bought pizza/pasta sauce or a hot and sweet tomato sauce or even pesto. All I did was to saute' the chopped garlic till lightly brown in a tsp of oil,add 200 ml of tomato puree,chilli flakes/powder, salt and herbs( used basil) and cook it till the oil seperates. It takes 5 to 7 minutes . 



1. Work on a tortilla at a time. First apply a coat of the sauce. Place the veggies in the centre. Fold one side of the tortilla and then fold both the other sides to make a wrap. I missed taking picture if this step, shall add when I make next time!!


2. I sprayed the toaster with butter and toasted it till it was lightly brown. 


'Yum' is the world. You can use Corn tortillas,Spinach Tortillas to make it more healthy.


You feel so nice when you did'nt have to work hard in the kitchen, yet scoop out such delectable meals and get so much appreciation...I just pretended that I worked hard!!!!

Happy Cooking!!!!

With love,



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