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Tamil Nadu Special Thengai Thuvaiyal | Brown Coconut Chutney from Tamil Nadu | Coconut Thogayal | Authentic Recipe | Quick and Easy Recipe| Vegan and Glutenfree

Thengai Thogayal/Thuvaiyal/Coconut Thogayal - Get the recipe

Hi Supermoms,

Today, I am sharing an authentic Tamilian recipe to make Coconut Thogayal/Thuvaiyal . I always feel so happy sharing traditional heirloom recipes. This recipe has very less oil and is filled with the goodness of coconut. A chutney that is very frequently made at home. A must try recipe when you get fresh coconut from market next time. Steaming hot rice, Thengai Thogayal,  appalam (papad) and melted ghee/oil is what you need to experience bliss. Ofcourse it tastes so good even with chapathi/roti and dosas.

Just four ingredients and less than 10 minutes of cooking time, your 'Thuvaiyal" is ready. 

Tamilnadu Special Thengai Thuvaiyal ( Brown Coconut Chutney from Tamilnadu) :

Preparation time : 2 minutes
Cooking time : 10 minutes
Serves : 4
Storage : Keeps good for 2 days when refrigerated

NOTE : I have used a small size coconut( half) that wasnot  too sweet for making this recipe. Adjust the spice and lentil quantity according to the sweetness of the coconut.
You can add tamarind pulp instead of whole tamarind.

Ingredients :

1 & 1/2 tablespoon urad dal/husked black gram
5-6 dry red chillies ( adjust according to the heat of chillies)
marble size ball of tamarind
1/2 of a small coconut ( roughly chopped)
2 teaspoons of sesame oil
salt to taste


1. Heat a small pan with oil and fry the urad dal and dry red chillies till they are lightly brown.
2. Switch off and allow it to cool.

3. Transfer it to a mixer, add tamarind, chopped coconut and grind it to a coarse mixture .
Tip: Add just few drops of water while grinding. The thogayal should be  thick. You can add salt while grinding itself or after you transfer the contents to the serving bowl.

Your Tamil Nadu Special Thengai Thuvaiyal is ready to be served !

Thengai Thogayal/Thuvaiyal- Coconut Thogayal - Get the recipe


  1. What will we do without thenga thogayal Uma? My savior when I have no veggies. But I enjoy this with puliogare the most

  2. Thanks Uma for sharing this! Will definitely try, looks delicious!


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