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Chocolate Mousse Cake | Mousse Cake in a Glass | No Bake Recipes by Masterchefmom

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Hi Supermoms,

Quick , Easy and No fuss dessert recipes are always fun to make . This Chocolate mousse takes less than 10 minutes and is so delicious too. When you are having a party or get together make this dessert in individual glasses ahead of time . You can garnish the dessert with chocolate gratings/pieces / fresh fruits/nuts/frozen berries /chocolate sauce etc., 

Another Under 10 minute dessert recipe for you. 

Chocolate Mousse Cake:

Preparation time : 5 minutes
Total time : 10 minutes
Makes : 4 glasses of mousse ( medium size glass)
1 cup = 250 ml cup

Ingredients :

10 -15 slices Chocolate Bar Cake ( I used ready made Britannia bar cake)
400 ml Fresh Cream or whipped cream 
1 cup icing sugar
1/2 cup chocolate sauce ( I used ready made sauce)

For garnish :

Dry blueberries/ cherries and honey coated cashews

Method :

1. Transfer the cream to a medium size bowl and whisk well using a metal whisk.
2. Add icing sugar and whisk again.
Chef Tip :  If you have an electric beater, you can beat the cream and use a piping bag to fill the glass. Keep the fresh cream/whipped cream in your freezer compartment for at least 30 minutes before you beat the cream. Adjust the icing sugar quantity accordingly. For more tips refer to my Biscuit Cake recipe.
3. To fill the glass, first crumble the cake and fill 1/4 of the glass.
4. Press gently using a spoon and pipe/pour the fresh cream-sugar mixture to fill the next 1/4 level of the glass.
5. Spoon the chocolate sauce over the cream mixture.
6. Repeat the same till the mousse reaches the  top of the glass.
Chef Tip : Leave 1 " gap from the top for garnish 
7. Garnish with the toppings of your choice.
8. Keep the Chocolate Mousse Cake refrigerated till you serve them.

Simple, delicious and fuss free dessert is ready in minutes.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Happy Cooking !

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