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Senai Kizhangu Varuval | Home Style Yam Chips | Gluten Free and Vegan Recipe

Home Style Yam Chips

Hi Supermoms,

Making home made vegetable chips has always been in our tradition. Vegetable chips are a part of our wedding menu too . There will be a raw banana/plantain chips or yam chips that will be served along with appalam . The yam can be either cut into tiny cubes or can be sliced into thin squares. You can decide the shape of the chips. 

Thin slices helps the yam to cook faster and be crispier for a longer time. Soaking the yam in lemon juice helps to prevent itching of the throat . Also use yam that is a couple of days old .

Instead of deep frying you can add oil in a wide pan and shallow fry them too. Though this might take double the time to cook . I have not added any spice or salt to this recipe as the chips are tasty as is. But you can always add spice powder and mix.

You can check out the health benefits of eating yam in my Senai Kuzhambu Recipe.

Vegetable Chips

Senai Kizhangu Varuval :

Preparation time : 20 minutes
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Serves : 4

Ingredients :

250 gm Elephant Foot Yam/Senai Kizhangu ( sliced thinly )
juice of 1 lemon 
oil to fry 

Method :

1. Add the lemon juice into the sliced yam pieces and mix well.

2. Spread them in a clean muslin cloth and allow them to rest for at least 10 minutes.
3. Heat oil in a kadai /wok for frying
Chef tip : Using an iron kadai will give the chips good colour and texture. 
4. Drop one slice to check if the oil is ready.
Chef tip : The yam has to sizzle and instantly come on surface of the oil.

5. Fry the yam slices in batches till they are well cooked and crispy . 
Chef tip : Keep stirring and turn the chips once or twice so that they are well cooked. 

6. Remove and drain them in a kitchen towel. 
7. Repeat the same method for the remaining batch.
8. Add spices and salt ( if you like) and mix well. 

Home made Yam Chips /Senai Varuval is ready to be served as a snack or as a part of your lunch menu. 

Senai Kizhangu Varuval

Happy Cooking !

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