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Vazhaithandu Mor | Banana Stem Buttermilk | Gluten Free Recipe

Vazhaithandu Mor

Hi Supermoms,

Vazhaithandu/ Banana Stem is rich in fibre and is also helpful in weight management especially reducing belly fat, promotes healthy kidney functioning and also prevents acidity. I have earlier shared the Vazhaithandu Mor Kootu recipe, Vazhaithandu Sambar recipe and Vazhaithandu pachadi recipe. 

Today, I am sharing another healthy and easy way to include banana stem in our diet. Cleaning and chopping the banana stem takes longer time than cooking them . In this recipe, as you are grinding and filtering the fibre, you can chop them roughly along with the fibre. Buttermilk helps in digestion. In ayurveda, it is considered as an elixir to good health. Adding the juice of banana stem increases the nutritional value and health benefits of drinking this buttermilk. 

Plantain Stem Buttermilk Recipe

Vazhaithandu Mor:

Preparation time : 15 minutes
1 cup = 250 ml cup
Serves : 4

Ingredients :

250 gm vazhaithandu /banana stem OR 1 cup vazhaithandu ( roughly chopped)
500 gm curd ( whisked)
salt to taste

Masala for grinding :

1 green chilli 
1/2 " ginger 
handful of coriander leaves ( optional)
1 sprig curry leaves 

Method :

1. Add the chopped banana stem into the jar of mixer.

2. Grind it well , extract the juice and discard the fibre.

3. Grind the green chilli, ginger, curry leaves and coriander along with 2 tablespoons of curd .

4. Add this to the extracted banana stem juice. 

5. Dilute the remaining whisked curd and add it to the banana stem mixture.
6. Add salt and mix well.

Your delicious and healthy Vazhaithandu Buttermilk is ready to be enjoyed. 

Vazhaithandu Mor

Happy Cooking !

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  1. It is really amazing to see how we can use bana stem, in simple do nutritious buttermilk. If we drink this butter milk everyday , not only it helps to reduce weight, but also very good for our Kidney . I want to have this vazaithandu buttermilk daily .


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