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Mor Milagai | Sundried Chillies | How to make Mor Milagai at Home | Authentic Recipe

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Curd rice/Thayir Sadam is an integral part of our lunch menu. A South Indian lunch is complete only when we finish it with  curd rice. Home made pickles like the Pesaru Mangai/Raw Mango Pickle , Nellikai/Gooseberry Thokku and Mor Milagai are the most favourite accompaniments. 

During my childhood, I have seen my mother make these at home during summer. They store well for upto a year. As we all love it so much, my mother always prepares them in large batch. Last summer, when I went to Chennai, I captured my mother making this traditional side dish. 

My Mother Prabha

Sun dried vegetables , fruits , seeds have been in our culinary tradition for ages. It is so handy and is a blessing on a rainy day. I am thrilled to share the authentic process to make this traditional dish.

As I am posting this after a year, the batch of Mor Milagai that my mother made is over. I made a fresh batch and shot the final images for the post. You can use any variety of green chillies to make them . In South India, the chillies are shorter , plump and are most ideal to make the mor milagai . 

Mor Milagai literally means 'Buttermilk Chillies'. Fresh green chillies are soaked in salted sour buttermilk and then sun dried . When they are completely dry and crisp, they are stored in an air tight container. As an when required, you can take a handful of chillies and deep fry on low flame till they turn dark brown/black and enjoyed along with curd rice. 

When you break the fried mor milagai, it should crumble beautifully. That is the sign of a perfectly made mor milagai. Rightly salted and so delicious. Do not be intimidated by the process. Keep trying small batches and I am sure you will get the perfect taste and texture. 

However, you can use the variety that is available in your city/country. 

Recipe Courtesy : Mrs. Prabha

Mor Milagai | Sundried Chillies :

Preparation time : 20 minutes
Total Duration : 4-5 days ( will change depending upon the heat )
Storage : Keeps good for upto 1 year when stored in an odour free, clean and dry container .

Ingredients :

500 gm green chillies 
1 cup thick curd ( it would be ideal if it is sour)
1 cup water
salt ( to taste)


1. Make a small slit/incision on the side of each chilli.
Chef tip : This step makes sure that the chillies absorb the buttermilk.
2. In an earthen pot or ceramic jar, add the thick curd and whisk well.
3. Add water, salt and make buttermilk.
Chef tip: You can adjust the water quantity. The chillies should be completely immersed in buttermilk. 

4. Soak the chillies for 24 hours. 
5. Remove the chillies from the buttermilk and spread them out in a clean muslin cloth and sun dry them for a few hours.

Chef tip : You can close the chillies with a muslin cloth to prevent dust .
6. At the end of the day, put them back into the buttermilk and allow it to soak overnight.
7. Again, remove the chillies the next day and sun dry them. 
8. Repeat the process till the entire amount of buttermilk is absorbed by the chillies .
9. Once the buttermilk is completely absorbed, you can sun dry the chillies till they are completely dry . 
10. You can store them in a clean, dry container.
11. Heat oil and fry them on low flame (only) till they turn dark brown/black. 

Your Authentic and tasty homemade Mor Milagai is now ready to be enjoyed along with your meal. Try making it this summer. 

Mor Milagai

Happy Cooking !

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